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Mick is een fysiotherapeut die graag buiten actief beweegt.

Mick van Eeuwijk

As a passionate runner and swimmer, Mick understands the difficulties that injuries pose to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is what has motivated Mick to become a physiotherapist, as he is passionate about supporting others in achieving their training goals. 

  • Bachelor of Science (Bachelor Physiotherapy) - THIM Hogeschool voor Fysiotherapie.   

From 2016 to 2020 I enjoyed studying physiotherapy at THIM. In addition to this physiotherapy license, Mick has obtained First Aid and Fitness certificates at THIM.

Before started studying physiotherapy, Mick obtained a Bachelor of History at Utrecht University, including an Erasmus exchange program in Lithuania.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Bachelor History) - Universiteit Utrecht

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Mick van Eeuwijk
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