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Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles tendinopathy means that the tendons of the calve muscles where they attach to the heal are decreased in quality.

This could lead to micro ruptures or even a total rupture of the achilles tendon.


  • Repetitive overuse

  • Acute overload

  • Muscle fatigue

Risk factors

  • Stiff achilles tendon

  • Decreased blood flow in calves

  • Hyperpronation feet

  • Higher age

  • Obesity


  • Morning pain

  • Swelling

  • Pain


  • Inspection: muscle atrophy, palpable nodules and thickening

  • Limited range of motion: extending your calve muscles and subtalar joint mobility is limited

  • Limited strength of the calve muscles

  • Sensitive zone 2 cm to 6 cm above the insertion of the achilles (heel)

  • Positive arc sign

  • Hop

  • Heel raise

  • Activities: walking and running

Optimal Loading

  • Stay as active as possible without having physical pain

  • Eccentric strengthening of the calve muscles by doing calve raises


  • Perception of the time course

  • Weight loss

  • Adjusting footwear

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